"failed" extension not to access "h"


Is there a way that I can configure the extensions.conf where a “failed” call does not access “h” extension. The dialplan is given below:

[quote]exten=> h,1,DeadAGI(agi_ivr_service.sh,${EXTEN})
exten=> h,2,Hangup
exten=> s,1,Answer
exten=> s,2,AGI(agi_ivr_service.sh,${EXTEN})
exten=> s,3,Hangup
exten=> failed,1,AGI(agi_ivr_service.sh,${EXTEN})
exten=> failed,2,Hangup[/quote]

As of now, the failed call will call the DeadAGI given in extension “h”. Is there a way that it doesn’t access “h”?


Kurian Thayil.