Autodialer - unanswered calls

Hello, everyone.
Using call files, I have noticed that in case a call fails, it ends for some reason in the default context with the “s” extension, and I cannot see the dialed number in the logs. When a call is answered, it ends in the extension I specify in a call file. Can I set an extension by myself for failed calls?

If the A leg call fails, it will never end up running dialplan, so will never have a valid extension. If the B leg fails, that is going to completely depend on your dialplan.

I don’t know when the context and extension actually get set for the A leg.

Exactly how are you using the call file?

(If you want an extension for the A leg, you should use a local channel, rather than directly calling the destination channel.)

I will try using a local channel.Thank you. Now I directly dial a number.

Tried using a local channel. In the CDR I see 2 records: one calling this local channel, second - calling the target phone.

Is there any way to see only one record in the CDR if using a local channel? This spoils statistics.

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