External_media_address with dns


i am on 14.6.2 and playing around with “chan_pjsip” a bit, preparing to move from “chan_sip” setup

I recognized that directive “external_signaling_address” translates its entries (if DNS) to IP addresses before assembling the fields in the SIP message. Which is a behaviour I know from chan_sip, works great for me.

How come “external_media_address” does the exact opposite? It directly prints the unresolved DNS name to the corresponding field in the RTP section. As a result voice fails then. Inserting an IP address works fine, of course.

Is that expected behaviour?

Best Regards

That is the expected behavior in that version. In the next release it will resolve to an IP address, and if dnsmgr is enabled then will update itself periodically in case the address changes.


Great, thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: