NAT Media Address and Signalling Update


I’m using NAT with:

Some times my internet provider get down and I need to change to a secondary provider. I’m using dnsmgr module updating dns every 90 sec. However when I change and Asterisk needs to update its externals IPs or if we try to force dnsmgr update it still the same.

If I restart the Asterisk it update the IP. My Asterisk version is Asterisk 16.16.1 with PJSIP. This problem only happen for extensions using TLS, extensions using TCP or UDP works fine and I checked that the IP is coming right from Asterisk is not firewall using AGL.

Can anyone can help me with that ? I need to update Asterisk IPs after dns IP was changed.

Thanks !

Could it be that the extensions are validating your certificate against “” as the subject common name?

I take it you are too small to do multihoming properly (border gateway protocol and autonomous system numbers).

Hello David,

The problem seems not to be on telephone side. If I get the INVITE from “source Asterisk” pjsip set logger on. I can see the INVITE leaving Asterisk with the previous IP of the DNS.

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