External IAX2 gateway - recommendations requested

Does anybody have a recommendation for an external VoIP gateway (T1 interface for TDM) that complies to the IAX2 protocol?

Here is what I am trying to do: I want to have an Asterisk server located in one part of the country (US) but the PSTN access point (via a PBX) is located in a different part of the country. I can get a T1 card in the PBX. Each location has high speed internet access. The application on Asterisk is a call processing/IVR.

Both locations have NAT firewalls - e.g., 192.168.y.xxx addresses.

Incoming calls to the PBX can route to the external gateway (located 5’ from the PBX) then on to the IP network. Outgoing calls, the reverse.

I guess I could get a Mediant 1000/2000 (Audio Codes) and open up specific ports on the firewalls to accommodate SIP. However, the IT guys are not happy with that plan. So, couldn’t I use IAX2, which is firewall friendly?

There is also the option of putting in an IAX2 card into a computer. However, the simpler, the better in this case. It would be much better if I shipped a small plug-n-play device that requires little to no maintenance.

Thank you in advance

can u setup asterisk next to PBX???

you can do dundi setup I think and maybe use this setup

aussievoip.com.au/wiki/index … connection