Extensions losting connections (unreachable) - PJSIP Asterisk 13 (realtime)

Hello to all,

I have a customer that is complaing me about the 5 extensions that his uses and are losting connections sometimes with my PBX server. I already started a basic monitoring in your IP and mine and didn’t detect any lost packages or high latency when him report it.

Ca anyone help me with it…

My actual settings for timeout is:

default_expiration = 360
minimum_expiration = 60
qualify_frequency = 60
qualify_timeout = 10

Any idea what more can I monitore?

What does “losing connections” mean? What happens? What version of Asterisk?

Asterisk version 13.21.1

“Lost connection” equal become unreachable and then, some minutes later return to reachable.

Have you done a SIP trace to actually look at the OPTIONS requests being sent?

Yes, SIP traces are working well, for many days everythings are ok, and then after 10 days ok, it happens the extension become unreachabe… I need to turn on a kind of monitor for all the time until solve that. But I don’t know what I need to check because ping it’s ok in the connection.

Ping is not equivalent to a SIP trace. A SIP trace is done using “pjsip set logger on” or using a packet capture, through something like tcpdump. A contact will go unreachable if Asterisk sends an OPTIONS request for a period of time and receives no response.

I got it “pjsip show history”… can I discover anything with that?

00243 1587003273 * <== 168.121.x.y:5060 REGISTER sip:54.233.x.y:5060 SIP/2.0
00244 1587003273 * ==> 168.121.x.y:5060 SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized

This is the IP monitored, I thinked too weird answer unauthorized and didn’t have extension to register.

That functionality will store everything in memory, it’s better to do it using other methods. As well that REGISTER has nothing to do with something going unreachable - separate functionality.

The problem is that I use “pjsip set logger on” the log will need to be in execution during many days until it happen… may it can cause a high traffic in my server and cause a low performance in the whole server, no?

That’s why you can also do a filtered packet capture of SIP traffic instead. It’s either Asterisk writing out to a file, or something else writing out to a file.

how will be it? a tcpdump on the customer’s IP?

If the IP address is static then limiting it to their IP address and the SIP port (5060) will result in the smallest pcap file.

I enabled it and are collecting the tcpdump on 5060 port and for the host tracked…

Hope when it happen again I can get more informations about it.

thank you very much.

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