Extensions_custom and redirecting call

Hi to all!!
I’ve to configure a client’s pbx.
My client want to redirect call thas’s from ext 100 to ext 200…he’s want to redirect to ext 250

it’ possibile?
Please help me!

thanks in advance

‘extensions_custom’ sounds like FreePBX. If so, you may find more relevant suggestions in the FreePBX forums.

Otherwise, try ‘googling’ for ‘asterisk ex girlfriend logic.’

If it’s a single 100/200 match, dialplan code can do it. If you need more flexibility, an AGI and maybe a database may be more appropriate.

Thanks for your info!! :slight_smile:

Looking in

I can’t find any option that would make the follow me conditional on the originating caller ID, or peer. I assume the same is true for call forward.

However, this is the wrong forum to answer questions about configuring and customising FreePBX.

Add a custom extensions ( Local channel ) to the followme settings, then yon your custom dial plan you do the conditional based on the CALLERID(num) value