Extensions.conf is Missing. How to fix this issue?

[root@localhost asterisk-17.5.1]# mv extensions.conf extensions.sample
mv: cannot stat ‘extensions.conf’: No such file or directory

Find it :slight_smile:

  1. Is your cwd/pwd correct?

  2. Restore it from backup.

  3. Start over :frowning:

Your shell history file may yield clues…

Hi Sedwards,
Thanks for answering my Query. But I believe that I haven’t reached such a level in this technology to understand your answer. Hence, requesting you kindly simplify the reply if possible. I hope you won’t misunderstand me. Thank You. Requesting other Member’s Answers also. Please reply. Works at stake.

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Extensions.conf and extensions.conf are different files.

How did you install Asterisk? If you installed from source, I’m surprised you don’t know such a basic command as mv, but, in any case, “make configs” should set up a, mainly commented out, starting point.

If you installed any other way, you should contact the person who supplied the installation method.

Note that the mv command you have been given is wrong, both in terms of the order of the arguments (which anyone attempting to install from source should be able recognize, and the name of the sample file, which is extensions.conf.sample (and probably won’t be in the right directory).

Hi David,
Thanks for your reply.

From Source

Yeah. I don’t know Linux Much but has a lot of interest to make asterisk work for me and eager to learn few Linux commands if needed.

Requesting you to Kindly explain this step a bit if you are interested to do so…

I just followed the instructions which is given in our wiki.Asterisk and the “Hello World” sample program:
Hello World

Hi Members,
This extensions.conf file cannot be copied and pasted into respective Directory?

Yes. You can use cp instead of mv.

You’re certainly diving into the deep end :slight_smile:

Asterisk is not a great ‘starter’ project and this forum is not a great place to learn Linux. This forum assumes a fair background in Linux and telephony.

The steps on the wiki page you reference are:

cd /etc/asterisk
mv extensions.conf extensions.sample
vim extensions.conf

(Note the order of the file names in the 'mv' command.)

Or, as david551 suggests, 'make config' (no ‘s’) will create a set of configuration files – assuming you’re in the correct directory. (Psst – it’s the one you installed Asterisk from.)

While there, you may want to look at configuration files created by 'make samples' and 'make basic-pbx'

Any clues on what you typed and what error message you received?

This sounds like you’re running Linux in a VM on a Windows host and you’re trying to copy and paste a file using Explorer?

Which is definitely wrong. It is mv source… destination.

Oops. It appears I made the same mistake as the OP – blindly typing commands without reading the instructions :slight_smile:

'Backup the sample extensions.conf and create a new one'

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