Extension.conf + two

I did all my voip connection but this came:
Mar 31 09:31:08] NOTICE[1203][C-00000009]: chan_sip.c:26805 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘7002’ ( to extension ‘7001’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘internal’.
I looked at the list there it was with “ls” commnad.
solution, anyone?

Also when I tried to config.backup, it says: no such file or directory

and another back up didnt work out for “voice mail.conf” with such error:
gedit-encoding not suported

The extensions are typically stored in extensions.conf.

Nevertheless you could log into the Asterisk shell with asterisk -rvv, or so, and check you dialplans with dialplan show, or more specifically with dialplan show 7002@internal, or something similar. In case you do not know where the dialplans are stored and you don’t happen to know the correct contexts you need to evaluate the output of dialplan show.

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