Extension broadcast

Hello there,

My boss want me to build a funtion to implement extension broadcast.
For instance:

We have 10 extension from 1001 to 1010.
He will dial 1234
All the extension will ring
the people in the extension pick up the call
He will announce sth and all the 10 extension should hear his voice.

Asterisk is such a goody that almost can handle everything. But I just don’t know how to do the broadcast.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


do your phones support auto-answer ? if not, it could be a bit of a mess as no-one will know who is or isn’t in the call.

i use the Page() application for this, but only if all the phones can auto-answer. Page works by throwing all the extensions muted into a conference with the originator able to talk. works ok.

I use the page function as well – I have a couple zones set up, but have paged over 80phones at once without any problems!

So yeah as long as you can use an “auto-answer” feature you are set… 8)