Autodial Advice

I have something I would like to ask for ideas on from those of you with more experience.

I have a situation where I have to create basically an intercom function with a twist using an Asterisk setup.

Basically here is what I need to setup:

Phone 1 <- -> Phone 2 these phones can only talk to each other, when one is picked up it waits for two to be picked up then starts talking.

Connection needs to be recorded

Connection needs to be able to be monitored

On the surface this is easy, setup each phone to autodial the other, and when one is picked up the mixmonitor is called and they are connected. This works great right now.

BUT there are small problems. If one phone hangs up, then picks up the phone again that line gets a busy signal unless the other line has been hung up. The other problem is I don’t want either phone to ring when the extension is dialed.

I also haven’t figured out how to have a third extension able to monitor the first two.

Here is my idea to make all this work better:

Each Phone 1 and Phone 2 when picked up are automatically connected into a conference call… This solves the problem of one hanging up and then picking up the extension again. The meeting could be recorded solving that problem too. Then for the monitor phone I just auto mute that line, and they dial the meeting code that they want to monitor.

Is this the best solution to this problem or would there be a better one?