Extend Amount of Rings

We have setup one of our sales people with having their work phone going to their cellphone. But it only rings 2 times then it hangs up. Where would I go to fix that?

in extensions.conf where you tell them to send the call to their cell phone increase the ring time:

exten => _THEIR-EXTENSION,1,answer()
exten => _THEIR-EXTENSION,2,dial(SIP/THEIR-CELL-NUMBER@sipprovder, 15)

change the number after the dial command to a higher number, i specified 15 seconds.

If that isnt clear perhaps paste the part of extensons.conf that sends the call to their cell phone.


of course I changed the cell to: 1xxx5551111

rather than:

and see if it improves.

When i was working with cell forwarding i found that it took quite a while to establish the connection and actually start ringing the cell phone. 16 seconds may not be enough.

Ok. I will take a look. I hope it works. Thanks.