Execute ODBC function with no VALs (or even no ARGs)?

I’m trying to execute an UPDATE sql with a fixed value, so it needn’t VAL parameters. I tried the following, but none of them updated the table.


; a SQL with no VAL needed
writesql=UPDATE some_table SET ${ARG2}=GetDate(), CallResult='ANSWER'  WHERE PhoneNO='${ARG1}'

same => n,Set(ODBC_UpdateCallTime2(test-arg,ConnectedTime))  ; no effect
same => n,Set(ODBC_UpdateCallTime2(test-arg,ConnectedTime)=)  ; no effect
;same => n,ODBC_UpdateCallTime2(test-arg,ConnectedTime)  ; flow exit

When typing ‘odbc write ODBC_UpdateCallTime2’ CLI command, it always ask for VALs parameter, it seems VALs are mandatory in current version.

Will it possible to support execute ODBC function with no VALs or even no ARGs in future?