Asterisk func_odbc update

Can func_odbc.conf do update.

prefix = BALANCE
dsn = project
writesql = UPDATE customers SET balance=’${ARG1}’ WHERE custid = ‘${ARG2}’

This query is not working. I think the problem is the argument ${ARG1} but I do not know how to fix it

I am passing 2 values in the dialplan BALANCE_STATUS(2,150) but it is not working.

Yes func_odbc can update.

To eliminate an Asterisk problem, I sugest trying to execute this query from the mysql command line to make sure there is no typo or a conflict with your tables structure.

Also check your Asterisks log file for errors that might shed light on the situation

I always terminate each query with a semicolon, but I don’t know if this is required in Asterisk.

yes func_odbc can update.

writesql=UPDATE DID_Numbers SET `ForwardedTo`=${SQL_ESC(${VAL2})} WHERE (`TN`='${SQL_ESC(${VAL1})}');

I call it as

In your case this would read :
same = n,Set(BALANCE_STATUS(2,150)=)