Examine DND and Call Forward history

is there a way to know how many times and when an extension has set DND function?
I’d like to examine, during a certain day, when the user set DND and when he removed it (all the times that he did it).
It would be useful also to know when he set call forward option.
Thank you!

No. Asterisk has no DND function, unless you program one oneself with your dialplan, in which case only you know how it works, or third party code, such as FreePBX provides it, in which case you need to get support from the third party, or at least their users.

Asterisk doesn’t support remote presence over SIP, an there are no remote presence protocols for analogue and ISDN lines, so, even if there are SIP NOTIFY value that the phone can send, if it is put into DND mode, Asterisk cannot act on them.

Maybe you meant to post to [https://community.freepbx.org/], if you are referring to the FreePBX code that implements DND.

The same applies to call forward.

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