DND asterisk 13

hi, :slight_smile: all
anyone can help me about DND in asterisk 13 ?
please help me…:disappointed_relieved:

What do you need for DND in Asterisk 13?
Provide some details to get a better reply

I need DND for break time, because now at break I do not want to be disturbed.
can i exchange display name yealink from asterisk 13?

You can have a look at Extension State and Hints and Device state.
If you are working with Queues then look at PauseQueueMember and UnpauseQueueMember applications.
I’m not sure if you can pass the state name from Yealink to Asterisk.

–Satish Barot

Asterisk is a tool kit. It has parts that can be put together to create a do not disturb service, but it has no in built concept of one. Some GUIs may impose a DND service on top of Asterisk, but no supported GUI is supported by this forum.