Exact protocol suite of asterisk

Dear all,
I need info about the exact protocol detail . it means protcol versions suite and rfcs. could you help me? tnks.

see in sources.

hem. exactly where? colud you give me the link? Tnks

go to the digium.com site and look around. they have a spec thereā€¦

download from ftp.digium.com asterisk sources.
then unpack it. and see.
for example, for sip specification see ./channels/chan_sip.c
in the beginnig of this file you can read:

  • \file
  • \brief Implementation of Session Initiation Protocol
  • Implementation of RFC 3261 - without S/MIME, TCP and TLS support
  • Configuration file \link Config_sip sip.conf \endlink
  • \todo SIP over TCP
  • \todo SIP over TLS
  • \todo Better support of forking