Asterisk and sip over tcp

Hi all,
Will asterisk 1.4.2 supports sip over tcp ? . If it’s supports please tell me how to enable that one.


if you would just put “asterisk sip tcp” into a google search box you would have your answer.

I went trough he url but it didn’t provided any thing related to asterisk 1.4.2 and sip over tcp. What ever the patch they are saying it is related to asterisk 1.2.10 , not for asterisk 1.4.2. If any one knows regarding sip over tcp for asterisk 1.4.2 plese mail me.

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there are some posts in that bug report where people had tried it with 1.4 … which would suggest surely that there is no TCP support yet in Asterisk.

why not get into the IRC channel and ask the devs directly … if OEJ is there he’ll probably be the best person to ask.

read this too :