Error while loging to a2billing

I have Fedora Core 4, + asterisk- + MySQL 4.1.11 I have my Asterisk PBX configured and working, now i have installed and configured a2billing with MySQL database. I am facing the problem at page of login window (localhost/A2Billing_UI/Public/index.php ) i have tried both “root” and “admin” user with their passwords, i have confirmed those users with their grant permissions in “mya2billing” database. But i am getting the following error while loging

Error: Connection failed

well, your problem is not related to asterisk but connecting to Mysql from php.

  1. Where have you installed the db. If its on a remote m/c then can you ping it from
    where you are hosting the site.
  2. Check that the mysql service is started on your database server.
  3. If you are still facing problems then post those in a2billing forum.