Error scrip while install asterisk 1.4

when install asterisk 1.4 i recevie error not config scrip … (make install)
how to debug

and i have installed complete version asterisk1.2 (alll sound zaptel libpri …) , i have PAP2 device , but it doesnt operate in asterisk , softphone X-lite have error not login the same
what ?
please help me


With your 1.2 installation do you have any working SIP devices? If not them try “asterisk -r” and then start the Xten soft phone or reboot the PAP2 and see if you get any information about registration failures? I assume that you have set an entry in sip.conf for both of these devices? Also have a look in the Asterisk log file (/var/log/asterisk/messages or something like that) and see if there are any useful error messages there.

thanks . error is debug… ( because Firewall :blush: )

and when install asterisk 1.4 ( diffrent computer) i recevie error not config scrip … (make install) . what the packet in linux not install … ( my English not good , dou you understand my idea ) :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you post the exact error from the “make install”.

[root@localhost asterisk-1.4.0]# make install

**** The configure script must be executed before running ‘make’.

make: *** [makeopts] Error 1
[root@localhost asterisk-1.4.0]#

install version 1.2.14 normal

(my distro Redhat Linux enterprise 4) Fc6 is the same)

i have found solution

So the new list of commands is:

cd /usr/src/asterisk-1.4.0
make clean
make install

Thanks in advance

Have you performed a “make” first before your “make install”?