asterisk1.4.0 installation

when i’m trying to install asterisk 1.4 i got followimg error…
linux:/usr/src/asterisk/asterisk # make install

**** The configure script must be executed before running ‘make’.

make: *** [makeopts] Error 1
linux:/usr/src/asterisk/asterisk # make samples
mkdir -p /asterisk
for x in configs/*.adsi; do
if [ ! -f /asterisk/$x ]; then
-m 644 $x /asterisk/$x ;
fi ;
/bin/sh: configs/asterisk.adsi: Permission denied
/bin/sh: -m: command not found
/bin/sh: configs/telcordia-1.adsi: Permission denied
/bin/sh: -m: command not found
make: *** [adsi] Error 127
linux:/usr/src/asterisk/asterisk #

please answear me …
but zaptel.libpri are installed without error


Did you try running comfigure ??

You must be ROOT to install.