Error initializing channel 'PJSIP/fax_ext-00000004' in T.38 mode

Hi @jcolp ,

When I’m trying to send FAX from my device to fax machine via ATA I’m getting dial tone in FAX machine but fax couldn’t print. In asterisk CLI error message is popping .

error message:
[Feb 10 12:02:20] ERROR[4596][C-00000004]: res_fax.c:2789 sendfax_exec: error initializing channel ‘PJSIP/fax_ext-00000004’ in T.38 mode

  • == Spawn extension (incoming-faxuser, 800001, 4) exited non-zero on ‘PJSIP/fax_ext-00000004’*

Please find the entire log here : fax_logs - 293f284f

there is a known bug with t38 and also a patch if you want to try it

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