Error.grammer on executing Voximal app

I’m running this script in my dialplan , but i keep getting error.grammer exception in my logs, Does voximal have specific vxml it executes .find below my log .

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<vxml version="2.0" xmlns="">
        <grammar> goodbye </grammar>
        <catch event="goodbye">
            Thanks for using this script, goodbye.
        <field name="password">
            <prompt> what is the code word </prompt>
            <grammar> apple </grammar>
            <help> It is the name of a fruit </help>
            <catch event="noinput"> I did not hear you. </catch>
            <catch event="nomatch" count="1"> Noop. Try again </catch>
            <catch event="nomatch" count="2"> Noop. give another try </catch>
            <catch event="nomatch" count="3">
                Sorry. You didn't get it for three times. Bye
                <if cond="password=='goodbye'">
                    <throw event="goodbye"/>
                    This is correct.

Aug 11 22:11:05.68|0x7f0bb1b9f700||0|EVENT|0|2|content=Error: error.grammar
Aug 11 22:11:05.68|0x7f0bb1b9f700|0_1|5010|DEV|Prompt: (text/plain) A serious error has occured. Exiting.
Aug 11 22:11:09.49|0x7f0bb1b9f700|0|7010|DEV|Telephony: Hangup

The application you are referring to is not part of Asterisk, so you may not find anyone here who has any idea about it.

@jcolp Thanks, i basically wasnt seeing any erros in the log until i ran voximal debug and saw my app couldnt connect to mrcp asr .