Asterisk + VoiceXML application

Hello all,

I need to develop an application that will initiate a call, send speech to the user (via TTS) and get some DTMF input from the user.

I can use VoiceXML to generate voice mesasges and get user input (DTMF only), but the call will not be initiated by the user, instead, it will be initiated by a Java Servlet on a Webserver for instance.

I see that there are some options to use voicexml with asterisk (voiceglue, voxy…) and I have TTS engines available (from Nuance).

I´d like to ask some experienced people if it is possible to implement this application at all. I was thinking of some architecture like this:

user <-> Media Gateway <-> Asterisk <-> VoiceGlue/Voxy <-> Java App

Is it possible? Can I trigger vxml scripts to be interpreted by VoiceGlue or Voxy from a servlet?