Error: "chan_misdn.c"

Hi everybody…i have this error: WARNING[12507]: chan_misdn.c[size=85][size=150][/size][/size]:4344 cb_events: Extension can never match, so disconnecting on port(1).maybe you want to add an ‘i’ extension to catch this case.
– Got SIP response 489 “Bad event” back from

The ISDN card is on the old asterisk.
I have connected 2 asterisk, i would like to switch all incoming calls on the new asterisk. I change only the "Incoming Call Rules"in the old asterisk, where i changed the provider in pbx2. The provider pbx2 has: PROTOCOL= SIP, REGISTER=YES, HOST=,USERNAME=6021, PASSWORD=XXXX.

Please help me, thanks :smile:

set your incoming number to replace the s:
exten => your number, 1, 1, answer()