chan_misdn problems

Hello everyone,

I have problems with chan_misdn - misdn kernel modules are loaded properly, but when I am making incomign call I get following error [quote]chan_misdn.c:4274 cb_events: Extension can never match, so disconnecting on port(1).maybe you want to add an ‘i’ extension to catch this case[/quote] I also can’t make outgoing calls on mISDN/1,
I use mISDN-1.1.5 and asterisk 1.4 from svn (r74515). I have one PCI TE card, AVM Fritz! BRI.

Port 1: TE-mode BRI S/T interface line (for phone lines)[/quote]
Please help me with this problem. Here are my configuration files and debug output :
asterisk misdn.conf


Thanks in advace for your help.


Either misdn doesn’t like your port setup, or it can’t pass call to incoming context due to it not being able to match the incoming CLID to a valid extension ? Perhaps try being a little more global in incoming context ?
Like _xxxxxxx and see if it changes things.