Endpoints registered but inbound calls go to VM


Been having an issue with all registered extension showing unavailable. AOR is updated with correct address but shows unavailable. This has happened every couple of hours and is resolved with a reboot. When extensions are unavailable they can make out bound calls but all inbound calls route to the extensions VM. Trunks show registered and available. On Version 16.4.1

Any help would be appreciated

Are you using realtime? Just .conf files? What’s the console output when it happens? Does “pjsip show contacts” show the information for the endpoint? Are you using qualify? Are the endpoints local or remote?

No we are using FreePBX I didn’t check “pjsip show contacts” I did see in “pjsip show aor 12345” that is would add and remove addresses based on register and unregister but the RTT would read nan. No we are not using qualify. Endpoints are local and remote as it is all extension that are affected. Trunks however remain available.

Console output of example bad inbound call


Example good call after fwconsole restart or a reboot

Any assistance on where to look would be greatly appreciated. We did just recently convert this from physical to a Virtual Machine but it had been running fine for a few weeks. We are a bidirectional contact center so our call volume is fairly large.

both logs show * CHANUNAVAIL : Channel unavailable. On SIP, peer may not be registered.

I see the CHANUNAVAIL on the good call. The next line has the contact for the extension, and does in fact ring the extension. During the times where the inbound calls are going to voicemail, because of the issue, the extensions can still make outbound calls. Also unregistering the extension removes the address for that extension in AOR and reregistering will put a new address in the AOR. Any direction to look? It seems extension originating calls work fine. Asterisk to extension originating calls are what is effected.

Is TCP in use? Do you change and apply configuration often?


No, we do not have TCP set as a PJSIP transport option. This error has only recently started to show at the same time as the issue. On average I would estimate that we do change and apply config very often… at least on average 15 to 20 times a week if not more.

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