Pjsip endpoint unavailable but contact available?

asterisk 16.8 with PJsip on Ubuntu 18.04

When I do show Endpoints below is what I get, the Endpoint is Unavailable but the Contact is Available.
The trunk happily dials and receives calls, but he Endpoint status is incorrect.

I have qualify_frequency set to 15 and qualify_timeout set to 3

What could be causing this, is there some setting I should be using?

Endpoint: nj Unavailable 0 of 10000
OutAuth: nj/nj
Aor: nj 10
Contact: nj/sip:nj.fred be82478b7b Avail 20.013
Transport: transport-udp-nat udp 0 0

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I have same problem on 16.8 some time(
Do you know how to FIX it?)

Unfortunately I don’t know how to fix it.

I’m testing a work around based on the notion that if there is an available contact for the endpoint, then treat it as if the endpoint is available.

Is realtime in use? Are you using a .conf file? I’d also suggest enabling debug logging in logger.conf and doing “core set debug 4”. The logic which handles that prints out debug messages to tell you precisely what is going on.

Yes, I am using realtime.

I’ll try turning on debug and see what the output is next time it happens

You may be experiencing an issue that is filed[1].

[1] https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-28056

Good afternoon! Thank you for your attention and help.
I’m using a realtime database for all endpoints, auths, aors, contacts.
And, according to the description, this is the same bug that you are talking about - it sometimes happens when an additional endpoint is added, after which all the others fall into Unavailable.
As I understand it, it remains only to observe the issue, because so far there is no solution?
PS: Also, this problem was encountered in me and on version 17 of the asterisk …

I reviewed the code last night and put it up for review. If others find it acceptable, then it would land in the next set of releases. As well it would be applicable to all current releases, including 17.

Excellent! Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

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