Endpoint shown as offline even though I can make and receive call

I am using WebRTC (using SIP.js) to connect to Asterisk. I can successfully make and receive call. But, when I query endpoint status using ARI, I get status offline.

    "technology": "PJSIP",
    "resource": "foo",
    "state": "offline",
    "channel_ids": []

Even with pjsip list endpoints command I get State as Unavailable

The endpoints are configured using realtime mysql database.

What I am trying to achieve?
Using EndpointStateChange event I am trying to show in a dashboard which all user are online/offline? I couldn’t do it if Asterisk couldn’t detect registered device as online.

I am stuck here. Help would be appreciated.

Is qualify enabled? Have you just added an endpoint in the database and used it, but never informed the qualification support that it exists so therefore it’s not qualifying (pjsip reload qualify aor, or pjsip reload qualify endpoint CLI commands - also accessible AMI using its CLI support)?

Is there a particular reason you’re using realtime? Have you considered all the consequences of using realtime, such as the impact that any slowness or database interruption can have to your Asterisk?

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Thanks for pointing out about qualify. I didn’t knew anything about qualify, so I did some Googling. But I don’t understand what are these configs qualify_frequency, authenticate_qualify and qualify_timeout.

I am using realtime because, I have a portal where ADMIN can add and remove users, which inturn adds required endpoints for each users. Is there any better alternative for this use case?

The one that FreePBX uses, namely to generate .conf files from a database that is modelled on the management abstraction.

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The qualify_frequency option controls how often a check is done to confirm that it is reachable. The qualify_timeout option specifies how long to wait for a response. The authenticate_qualify option is seldom needed and covers authentication.


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