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Hi, I have a modem. My Internet service provider has the SIP, RTSP, PPTP, IRC666x, and H225 protocols enabled by default, what protocol am I missing to configure a VoIP network?
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I find this question confusing. If you have a ISP that is block ports, find a better ISP. Your internet service provider need not be your telephony provider. Routers, not modems, implement firewall and NAT rules, although they may be in the same box.

Generally, for SIP you need SIP, SDP, DNS, RTP, and RTCP. SDP is the payload for SIP, so shares ports. SIP can be UDP, TCP, or TLS over TCP. RTP and RTCP use adjacent even and odd port numbers and are UDP. DNS is normally UDP. You are likely to need ICMP or RIP to handle local routing issues.

You will need an RTP/RTCP pair for, at least, every concurrent call leg to the ITSP and also for those which ended within at least the last 30 seconds. The sample Asterisk configuration allocates a range to cover 5000.5 call legs, although the 0.5 is an error, starting with port 10,000. This is for the local port number. The remote one can be any one that isn’t in use for something else.

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