Enable Sip Debug in console 1.8.9

Hi all,
How do you actually enable the sip debug?
When I do help sip set debug I get: No such command ‘sip set debug’

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked with asterisk, but the last version I think 1.4 had this command.
Unless I’m missing something, this command doesn’t exist in the 1.8.9.
Do I need to install another package or something to get this command working?

The help command no longer exists as it did in 1.4.


core show help sip set debug

This is what I get:

ubuntuCLI> core show help sip set debug
No such command ‘sip set debug’.

I don’t have a 1.8 version to play with, but it is more or less essential that you discover how to use Asterisk’s built in help mechanisms, as these provide the primary documentation (most of the appendices in Asterisk: The Future of Telephony are simply prettied up versions of the output of core show …).

It sounds like chan_sip.so is not loaded.
Try… module load chan_sip.so

If that fails, you may have a problem in you sip.conf file.

I get: No such file or directory

I don’t believe it was loaded on the install.

Do you think I might need to install a patch?

A missing /etc/asterisk/sip.conf means that you neither provided one from scratch nor ran make samples and then customised it. You cannot have a SIP based VoIP system without it.

It is a configuration error by you, not something for which a patch should be required.

I find it difficult to imagine that even a binary package wouldn’t have this file. It is too fundamental to the main use of the binary packages, i.e. SIP based VoIP operation, for it not to be provided.

I appreciate your help david55.
But, I wasn’t saying I was missing my sip.conf.

I was saying that when I do a module load chan_sip.so form the CLI it was stating that the module doesn’t exist.
I have looked in usr/lib/asterisk/modules, and didn’t see that module in there.

How did you install Asterisk? You would normally have to go out of your way not to have that module present.

I followed the instructions from this link.
letitknow.wordpress.com/2011/05/ … ver-11-04/

Please suggest a better way. This will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help david55.

You probably need to run menuconfig after ./configure and confirm that chan_sip is enabled. If it is showing as ***, you need to look at the dependencies that it indicates are missing and resolve those, although there don’t seem to be any dependencies for earlier versions.

Actually, you should always run menuconfig, if only to review the settings.

I’m assuming that the make and make install didn’t report any fatal erorrs.

That is it…
chan_sip shows XXX
It shows 2 dependencies.
Not really sure how to resolve them yet.
But I just stepped back and installed the 1.8.4 version using apt-get, and all is well.

Thank you for your help david55, you definitely showed me how to troubleshoot alot better.
And thanks for your help too dalenoll.