Early Media after '181 call is being forwarded'


When making a call to a mobile phone that is out of reach, there is a two-part message played.
The first part is “Phone is offline, if you want user to receive a SMS regarding your call, please wait for a signal”, the second one is “beep thanks, user will be notified”.

When calling via Asterisk, users hear nothing for the duration of the 1st part, then they hear the second part.

After examining captured packets, it is apparent that after receiving Invite SIP trunk provider sends “181 call is being forwarded” sip/sdp packet, followed by RTP stream containing 1st part of the audio, then after that “183 session progress” sip/sdp followed by RTP with second part.
Asterisk doesn’t pass audio from provider to the caller of the 1st part but does the 2nd part.

Question: Is it possible to set up Asterisk to pass through early media that follows 181 status code?