E1 card vs E1 gateway

what is the difference between between E1 card and E1 gateway?

E1 card costs around 100$ whereas E1 gateway costs more than 1000$.

in terms of benefiting from E1 technology, do both (card and gateway) when connected to my asterisk server deliver the same services?

i can understand that E1 card needs more configuration (related to dahdi module) and E1 gateway would be configured as sip endpoint(pjsip module) which makes E1 gateway much easier to configure.

but does that mean that E1 card needs a professional programmer to make it work with asterisk? i have been working with asterisk for more than a year, as well as with freepbx, i am pretty good with asterisk dialPlan and so on. but yes i have never worked with dahdi module, so would it be so hard to make E1 card beneficial ? or with documentation here as well as forum plus my medium experience with asterisk and freepbx then it would come to a happy ending?

E1 Cards are a little cheaper (make sure they got the echo cancel module included), but the system admin does the setup, tuning, maintenance … and has to be really familiar with Linux and ready to learn about the E1 standard and its little details (your experience with Asterisk won’t help here although you can get away with using the configuration wizard from the installer script and asking advice in forums)

E1 Gateways are E1 turnkey hardware devices, plug the cables and 2 clicks on their GUI to configure.

If you feel comfortable managing complexe setups of Linux servers, just get two E1 Cards for redundancy, and set up a main and a backup, it will take a week maybe but not more than that. you might consider setting it as a standalone machine separate from your actual PBX to streamline upgrades in the future for both or just to keep it as a separate project from your pbx project,

else just grab a Gateway and set it up in 30 minutes.

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thank you,
is there a tutorial of how to deal with E1 cards?
if i was able to benefit of it, then it might be better for me, but no i cannot consider myself an expert of setup-ing linux servers.

Every sangoma card comes with clear documentation and a script that walks you through the full setup.

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