Dynamic Features with a Queue

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble figuring out Dynamic Features getting it to work with queues, and only the agent should be able to execute the DTMF.

alpha => *99,self/callee,Playback,beep

the dialplan:

exten => s,1,Noop()
exten => s,n,Set(__DYNAMIC_FEATURES=alpha)
exten => s,n,Goto(queue-context)

It works on both ends, the caller and Agent. I want only the agent should be able to execute it.

Any pointers appriciated.


Are you connected with htrakotoarimanana, as it sounds like you have very similar requirements?

No, I am not.

I am trying to accomplish that only the queue agent who answered the call should be able to press a digit or digits which will trigger a script that will open a door. I don’t want that the person at the doorbell should be able to do the same. That’s all. And I am using Playback,beep for testing purposes.

My issue is that both, the caller and the callee can now execute this, which is a security risk.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you

Do you need a queue, or could you just dial all the agents in parallel.

If you need a queue, you could add a, non-optimising,local channel ahead of it, so you could use Dial with the appropriate options.

I’d want to since these agents are taking shifts. Setting up all agents in parallel won’t be easy to maintain in the long run.

I’ll try that.


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