DTMF recognition and parking problem


I am using Asterisk and I have encountered the following problem.
I am using 1 FXO card and 2 SIP phones.

  1. When I making an incoming PSTN call I promt the user to enter an externsion. Hower most of the time asterisk the DTMF tones entered via the analog phone are not recognised by Asterisk. For example in ordre to reach the first phone the user has to dial ‘601’. Most of the time asterisk recognise either ‘6’, ‘61’, ‘60’ or even nothing but very rarely he succeed to recognise ‘601’. Hower when I am using my SIP phone this problem does not occur. Does anyone have any suggestion?

  2. I tried to use the call parking feature. I have correctly configure the ‘features.conf’ file. I set the parameter parkext=700 and transferdigittimeout=10. However when I want to park a call using my SIP phone I am not able to park the call because I do not have the time to enter the 700 extension. Once I have entered the first digit I have only less than 0.5ms to enter the remaining. Hence Asterisk indicates me that either the extension ‘7’ or ‘70’ is invalid in the current context. Does anyone have an explanation.

NOTE: my phone line is already connected to my company’s PBX.

Thanking you in advance.


  1. Have you tried the relaxdtmf=yes in zapata.conf
  2. found this on the wiki here
    voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … ll+parking

Also you’ll need to ‘restart’ Asterisk after modifying features.conf - a simple ‘reload’ won’t do.
The user must be allowed to do transfers for being able to park a call, so check the t and T options of the Dial() command
Asterisk-based transfers only work if Asterisk in the media path (which can be enforced through “canreinvite=no” in sip.conf, for example)

Thank you rusty,

The first one work.
Now I am going to sort out the second problem.