DTMF masking


Does asterisk support masking of DTMF tones on TDM or SIP calls?

Thanks in advance,
Wasif Basharat

What do you mean by masking of tones? Tones will be sent through unless they are being acted upon locally, or you have mismatched DTMF transmission mechanisms.

Hi Dave,

I was thinking of using asterisk to collect dtmf digits received on the call.
Call comes in (caller A) and is connected to another outgoing call (callee B) on asterisk.
By dtmf tone masking I meant caller A presses dtmf digits on his dial pad
but callee B does not hear those digits and vice versa.

However, all the digits pressed during their conversation are sent to my application.
This is what I wanted to achieve. Now before I start writing an asterisk module to collect dtmf digits and send them to my application, I wanted to be sure if Asterisk can stop the dtmf digits going to the other leg of call.

Any ideas in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Wasif Basharat

unless you use read dtmf and collect the dtmf the customer entered and insert into your
database by AGI or mysql oe system command.