DTMF Issue?

I think I am having DTMF issues. The users are using Grandstream phones. I just looked at the web interface for one of the phones and the DTMF payload is set to 101 which is default. Under Send DTMF Via RTP is checked. Should in-audio also be selected?

The issue I am having is that users dial a number and randomly receive reorder tone (fast busy) signal. This doesn’t seem to happen with my Xlite users. I could be off on the wrong tangent here. I would like to review a syslog or something to capture what Asterisk is sending out, but I’m not sure how to set that up.

If you are using G729 you do not want to send DTMF in the rtp stream. In general it is good to use RFC2833. Uncheck “Under Send DTMF Via RTP is checked” and see what happens.

We are using G711U G711A. You have to pay for G729 right?

For asterisk you have to if you want to transcode.

They told me the way they always fix this is to delete the account out of Trixbox and recreate it and take out the number in the phone or Xlite and re-register it and it would work, but they didn’t know why. I looked at the results afterwards and saw that when they do that there is not outbound CID. I looked at what was in there before and saw they were inserting a 1 for long distance. For example if their DID was (555)123-1234 they had 1-555-123-1234. I took out the 1 and now they are not having issues. I think the calls were being rejected at the other end because they were able to make some calls it was just a random thing. There is probably one provider like AT&T or something that didn’t like the CID it was receiving so it wouldn’t let it through.

No one else posted, but I wanted to put the solution here because I am tired of people getting their issues resolved and then not letting anyone know how they fixed it.

I really can not comment on TrixBox because I do not use it. You may want to ask on their forums.