DTMF detection in ConfBridge?

Hi folks,

I have 2 person in the conference and wanted to detect the dtmf they press.
Will it be possible? There can be any dtmf combination and they will not be static.
Anyway i can call an agi and pass those dtmf to it?
If it is not possible in the ConfBridge, will it be possible in the Dial? i dont want to use feature.conf because then i have to statically add dtmf but in my case, there could be any dtmf combination.


You’d need to use AMI, not AGI.

Thanks David,
i am happy to use AMI but how this will detect dtmf?
Do i need to run an AMI listener? and how will it listen on a channel or a call?
can you please give a hint please?


A few years ago, you either had to break your head as an unskilled PHP developer or spend hours scouring Google for a way to listen to Asterisk events through the fsockopen function. Now, you can simply leverage the power of AI to grab the events and use regular expressions for channel filtering. This makes the process significantly faster and easier.



Raised when a DTMF digit has started on a channel.


    Event: DTMFBegin
    Channel: <value>
    ChannelState: <value>
    ChannelStateDesc: <value>
    CallerIDNum: <value>
    CallerIDName: <value>
    ConnectedLineNum: <value>
    ConnectedLineName: <value>
    Language: <value>
    AccountCode: <value>
    Context: <value>
    Exten: <value>
    Priority: <value>
    Uniqueid: <value>
    Linkedid: <value>
    Digit: <value>
    Direction: <value>

Thank you.
Yes i realized that AMI listener is a better way to go as i can leverage it for monitoring dashboard in future.

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