DTMF cannot find other channels

Good day,

I am working on DTMF for my stasis application. I noticed that the DTMF event is catching the channel where the digits are pressed on the specific phone. My question is there a way to include the other channel ( other phone ) so i can send a response to it. Because apparently the other channel is not being read and I cannot write my logic to the other channel.


As you can see only one channel is visible, can I include the other channel and how please? :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what you mean exactly. If you are referring to the event itself then no, it’s strictly an event saying that DTMF was received on that channel. It’s up to you to take that and map it to another channel if you wish, or in a bridge it will go through automatically unless disabled.

Hey jcolp,

Yes I am trying to use the result of the DTMF for one channel, so I can manipulate the other channel as i wish.
My goal:
callee channel presses 2, then i playback a media to caller channel

I tried to simply execute my playback to the caller channel after the digit 2 enters my condition, but instead the callee is receiving the playback. I found this action event “channelsSendDTMFPostRequest” i am going to try

You have to know and get the other channel, and execute actions on it. If you use the channel from the event then you’ll execute actions on the callee.

Okay there was a problem from my side on the StasisStart function, thank you jcolp it is working.

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