DTMF bad detection


I have an Asterisk 1.4.18, with zaptel 1.4.8 installed. I’m using a TE212P (2 PRI card), two PRI are in a trunk group together. This setup was working perfectly with asterisk 1.2 since we’ve upgraded to 1.4.18 we’re aving issues with DTMF detection on inbound calls. By example if I call and I press 1123 I may get something like 123 on the terminal. I realize that this issue is happening only with certain phone on certain lines. But when it happens on this particular phone, it’s happening all the time. The only way to have a better responce from Asterisk it’s to press the numbers slowly, and I will get a better response. Is there a way to tweek Asterisk for this, I know the relaxdtmf option and it did not change anything.



I moved my server to another line as well as doing the upgrade and it turns out the that new line was pegging the RX side.
Thought it was the upgrade at first till I found the RX at max in ztmonitor.
I reduced the rxgain in zapata.conf to -5.0 and it starting detecting DTMF again.