DSP Hardware

Hi everybody,

we’re running a number of asterisk servers as conferencing platform (mainly meetme). All calls are VoIP-calls coming from a local VoIP-gateway with G.711u codec.
Does anybody know DSP hardware which helps to reduce CPU load to get a higher number of calls on the system?
Is there anything else which can be done to optimize the load?

Thanks a lot for your help.

you can switch to app_conference… you would see a pretty substantial decrease in load.

what would the DSP hardware be doing on a conferencing system running g.711?

Thanks for your reply - unfortunately app_conference doens’t work for me as it lacks a lot of features I need (exit conference by dialing a number or #, meetmecount, sounds when joining/leaving) etc.

You are right regarding the DSP question…sometimes you have to go out of the forest to see the trees…