Dropping incompatible voice frame

Hi all we have a 2 trunks, outbound and Inbound.

For, what seems like, every call, we get this Warning message depending of course if this an inbound or outbound call.

The odd thing is:

  1. our service provided has confirmed they NEVER send us calls in anything other then g729,
  2. our sip.conf is set with:

disallow=all allow=g729:20
in [general] , [OUTBOUND] and [INBOUND]
3) We don’t really have ulaw specified at any place ever…
4) All phones allow for g729

What exactly is this Waring trying to say? at what point does it think there was a ulaw codec involved? IT seems to suggect that there is some kind of “native format” where do i change this?

The peer configuration has the codec order, you can make a tcpdump trace to see which party is trying to change the codec.

native format is the format that doesn’t require transcoding for the channel. It is not a global concept.

I would ignore the warning unless you get large volumes of them. In any case you haven’t provided enough information to work out why it is being produced.