DRBD>> Heartbeat>>MySql+Asterisk+Vicidial+Apache

Hi Friends,

 I am using asterisk and Vicidial for my client i have 2 systems installed with every funcatinality. I have done is when ever any of the systems goes down the other systems comes up with help of heartbeat and becomes primary. The architecture of the two systems is as follows :

DRBD>>>>> Heartbeat>>>>>>MySql+Asterisk+Vicidial+Apache >>>floating ip >>>> client Browser and phone

Both the systems are synced whenever a node gets down the other nodes run all the service. The problem which i am facing is my sip phone does not automatically register it to the other machine and my vicidial web page gets registered tothe new server… butwhen i click on show and hide confrence channel the local channel and the sip channel automatically gets swaped only one channel is showed. they are not shown as 2 channelsin the list. and i also hve to register my sip phone again to the new server y doesn’t it automatically get registered pls guide me as i m using floating ip it should automatically contact the new server where that floating ip has moved… Thanks in advance

I had the same problem and found that the fix was to change the listening address in the sip.conf and iax.conf files has to be changed from the default to the floating point address.

Problem still remains the same still but now difference is sip phone xlite automatically get transferred to the new server but still my browser doesnot shift to new server i have to close the browser and open it again so that it can get register to new server as soon as i login i doesn’t recieve a call from the meet me room as i agin register my sip phone it recieve the call from meet me room and thecalling is again started.

change the apache listening address from o.o.o.o as well to your floating address… fro HA to work, all the listening addresses have to be the floating address, not the generic “listen to all” address… otherwise, any request whether it be SIP, IAX or HTTP will answer on the primary address even when requested on the floating address, which means that the response will not be received.

I would suggest you look through all the config files for and make appropriate changes

Hi can u please provide the doc for it .