Download corrections (patches) for Aster1.8.10.1?

Where from i can download corrections(patches) for Asterisk1.8.10.1 ?


It doesn’t work like that, and, in any case, that is a relatively old minor version.

Normally you download at least the latest 1.8.x series version.

If you only want to selectively fix one problem, you will need to apply source code patches. In that case you should already have svn to fetch them, and you will need to identify the exact revision in which they were applied. You can often get them linked from the relevant bug report.

The svn repository is

Thank your.
In this url i see:

From which one folder get “Asterisk-1.8 LTS” with set by all patches ?



Then use the highest 1.8.* version number that isn’t suffixed -rcX or -beta.

If you go to the main web site, there will be links to directories from where you can download the tarballs.

branches will give you the most recent development version for each major version, but that may not have been released.

trunk will give you the leading edge development version.