Ast 1.8.12 crashes

I have an Elastix production system running 1.8.12 and received complains of a user not being able to access their mailbox. Found the .lock file inside the Inbox and removed which fixes this issue. Now remembering past conversations over last month with the same client, they have stated that they get dropped calls occasionally. Digging around a bit about this issue found there is a problem with 1.8.12 in app_voicemail which causes asterisk to crash? Elastix yum repo still has the 1.8.12 version so cannot update that way so I am looking to patch it.

Where do I find the patch for it and how do I patch it exactly?

Thanks for your help in advance.


If you have a binary package installation, you don’t patch it, you install from source, instead. or pressure the packager.

The source tar balls should be easy to find on the web site. Instructions for installing them, for someone with basic Unix system management skills should be in the sources themselves. The main complication will be possible need to install dahdi, and also a possible need to install the developer versions of some other packages (through yum) first. To update, you skip the make samples step.

If you don’t have the necessary basic skills, I believe there should be a lot of information on the web.

The basic process is (as root):

make menuconfig
update the selection of options, as necessary
make install
make configs
make samples

The ./configure step needs extra parameters if directories are not in the standard locations for Asterisk.

Pre-requisites, including dahdi, need to be installed before the ./configure step, or the associated options will not be possible to select in the make menuconfig step.

dahdi and dahdi tools use subsets of the above sequence.

Thank You.