Double digits inbound DTMF

Hi there folks

Strange problem here.

I have an account with a sip provider with two DIDs. Same account, two DIDs.

DTMF is set as rfc2833.

I was having problems with in and outbound DTMF.

rfc2833compensate=yes made outbound work.

Now, for inbound, one DID works fine, can control the IVR, DISA, etc. The other DID is presenting a problem that every digits comes doubled.

I know for a fact that these DIDs were provisioned by different carriers. The natural conclusion is that one of the DIDs must be reprovisioned or somehow fixed since the other DID is working fine with Asterisk.

But now comes the tricky part. If I forward the problematic DID to another number, using the provider’s control panel (outside my asterisk box), it works. So, for example, if I forward the problematic DID to my bank IVR, I can access my bank account just fine.Everything works.

My questions would be,

  1. How can one DID work and the other don’t, since they are all linked to the same account/registration in Asterisk?

  2. How can the problematic DID work when forwarded to another number (even to another Asterisk box) and not to my server?

Can someone help me understand this? Any help is really really appreciated.

I’m using Asterisk 1.4.18-2


No one?