Does Simple phone work with asterisk?

Dear Asterisk Gurus,
I want to know that wether my simple analog phones attached to my PSTN lines will work with Asterisk or not? If yes, then what kind of extra equipment i must have to attach to make it compatible with asterisk.
Waiting for your precious reply.

Asim Arif

same goes for your other question … do some research before asking questions …

I don’t know what kind of question did i ask. “Mr. baconbuttie”, i think you don’t know the meaning of a forum and you don’t know how to make a reply in a forum. I suggest you to go for classes which teach the way how to communicate with people.

Asim Arif

My understanding is that you’ll need an FXS card of some sort to use your POTS phones.

Asim - you’re absolutely right on.