Does ManagerEvents lost on client reconnection

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Does ManagerEvents lost when a client application tries to reconnect to Asterisk ? Does asterisk maintains queue of Events and ensures all events were notified to connected clients.


  1. Java application using Asterisk-Java library connects to Asterisk server
  2. Makes few outbound calls using client application
  3. Observed in asterisk-java library debug logs that client application connection is reconnecting

When re-connection is successful, does asterisk pushes/sends Manager events that were generated during reconnection time.

Thank you
Dev Illa

No, Asterisk does not buffer or keep events that have occurred while a client is not connected.


As can be seen from the protocol, Asterisk has no identifier for the client other than the open TCP connection. There can be multiple connections for the same account, so the account couldn’t be used to identify the client.

If it did recognize a returning client, how would it know that a client would never return, allowing it to discard the pending event queue?

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