Asterisk manager events issue for who has answered the call


I m having asterisk properly installed and working fine. I tried to connect asterisk manager and want to get the events.
I m getting the events properly. But I when a call comes to a queue and agent answers that call, that agent connect event I want. but its not coming.

Who has answered the any internal call/ call comes to queue. that i want to log. I have tried using LINK but its not executing at all. Unlink is working.even agentconnect or agentcalled event also not working. Rest is working fine.

may I know why it is not logging this events ? or pls guide me which events should I use in this case ?


You can easily log all the queue events with queue_log table if you’re using the manager just for the sake of logging although I have a feeling that’s not the case…so perhaps I shouldn’t have posted lol

Thank you for your reply.

But i m not using manager just for the logging purpose. I want to get all the call details through manager for further processing.

If the internal calling is there, then need to get that cdr details. If its queue call then also need to know which agent has answered this call etc.


Any help ?