Does Asterisk support client text send?

I want to send text messages from my exten 1001 to 1002.

i tryed eyebeam ekiga and other clients. 405 Method Not Allow response from asterisk only.

and i can’t find discuss asterisk sip message support on

Does asterisk support client send text?


the wiki is your friend : … d+SendText

although i’ve had better success with other methods. the Aastra phones support XML messages so i built a web interface to send messages to phones.

thank you.

i want to try fix to support send text :smile:

I think the method Message is not supported by Asterisk (UAS receive side) . Although, I believe when it execute SendText it will send the text information via sip method Message. SendText if executed before Dial will always send the message to the caller side. To send a message to the callee , SendText should be executed within a Macro invoked by the Dial application.